It is our opinion at Excelsior Tours that there are four categories of travelers……adventurers…..tourists……pilgrims…..and retreatants. We believe the four are distinctly different and a traveler should not attempt to combine one with the other. Although some of our groups are organized with segments of each category in their package….we attempt to clarify in advance the category a group during their experience. However, if you are traveling independently to Quito to visit Our Lady of Good Success without a formal group….we recommend one of our three Pilgrim houses to facilitate your personalized trip to Ecuador.

In Quito, we provide three special accommodations for your stay while visiting this great Catholic city. All three are different and provide accommodations to the visitor that wants a more private and intimate experience. These accommodations are not part of a formal package but we can still provide concierge services such as guides, transportation, catering, and entrance into religious sites based on special requests of the guest while you are here. This is a special opportunity to create your own trip at your own pace and specifications.

These three locations provide the experience for any of the four categories mentioned and are located within four blocks of Plaza Grande in Quito and Our Lady of Good Success. The three are very unique and were chosen by us for Pilgrims due to their practicality, ambiance, location, and religious significance.

MONASTERY STAY + Monasterio de San Jose, Quito, Ecuador

This 18th Century Monastery was the original home of St. Mariana de Jesus Flores and is now home to the Carmelite Nuns. Situated only four blocks from Plaza Grande, the Nuns have opened a separate part of their home for Pilgrims. You will have limited access to the Nuns themselves but will have access to a Chapel and inner courtyard. Please click the photo for more details

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Pilgrimage House + Casa de Carondelet, Quito, Ecuador

This 18th Century house located only three blocks from Plaza Grande behind Monasterio Santa Catalina, was renovated in 2007 as a private family home. Today, it is used for the hospitality to Pilgrims and is named after the last Spanish Governor (Francisco Luis Hector, baron de Carondelet) of the territories of West Florida (Louisiana) from 1791 to 1797 who came to Quito afterwards to serve as Governor in Quito from 1797 to 1807. He is famous in Ecuador for completing the Presidential Palace in Quito which bares his name. The house has 5000 sq. ft with 5 bedrooms and 4.5 baths. It comes complete with its own private chapel. Please click on photo for details.

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MONASTERY STAY + Monasterio de Santa Catalina, Quito, Ecuador

This 17th Century Monastery was previously the home of the brother of St. Teresa of Avila, Don Fernando Sanchez de Avila. Upon his death…he bequeathed the property to the Dominican Nuns who stated the Monastery in honor of St. Catherine of Sienna in 1613. Today, the Nuns have kindly asked that we promote a corner apartment in the Monastery for hospitality to Pilgrims. You will not have access to the Cloistered Nuns inside the Monastery. Please click on photo for more details.

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Coming soon…..more Monastery stays in Ecuador and Peru!