Letter from the President,

On behalf of all our staff, guides, travel assistants, drivers, and my family……we would like to offer an invitation to join us on one of our unique experiences.

Excelsior Tours began offering Traditional minded tours to South America in 2003 after answering a call from the Apostolate of Our Lady of Good Success (www.ladyofgoodsuccess.com) to offer Pilgrimages to Quito, Ecuador. Since then, we have broadened our itineraries to not just Ecuador but to Colombia, Peru, Argentina, and Mexico. It gives us great satisfaction to now have our returning customers requesting us to take them to not only the popular destinations of Europe but also to the all forgotten Catholic shrines of North America!

Since Pilgrimages historically gained popularity in the middle ages….we have always tried to offer our Pilgrimage with the Medieval mentality in mind. What exactly was that mentality? We believe the height of Christendom was the Medieval period from Charlemagne to the expulsion of the Moors from Spain in 1492. The daily life of a medieval man was one of daily prayer, sacrifice, Mass, extensive walking, and the famous medieval banquet! On our Pilgrimages…..we attempt to replicate that same daily routine. Nonetheless, most of our Pilgrimages do provide for bus transportation where needed instead of a horse or mule!

What makes Latin America so perfect for a Medieval pilgrimage is the Catholic Culture that still exists to this day. While Europe and the Holy Land offer sights that are a must see to the veteran Pilgrim….Latin American offers its sacred shrines and churches with great Saints as well but with a culture that will take you back to a more Catholic lifestyle. Surely, this culture is slowly giving way to the modern world but the spirituality and simplicity of the people gives the Pilgrim a charm that can be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

We are not a large travel agency that offers hundreds of groups a year. But….we offer a more personalized approach to our tours. I am personally with each group tending to day to day operations in whatever country we may be visiting. Our groups are generally smaller…under 15 Pilgrims and we like to manage under six groups to under six a year.

We owe all of the special graces my family has received and the people we work with from Our Lady of Good Success. It is HER that has brought us into this service and it is HER that will allow us to keep assisting Pilgrims from around the world become closer to their Traditional Catholic faith.

Instaurare omnia in Christo

Mathieu C. Guillory P.
Excelsior Tours, SA